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Jennifer Paganelli

(Дженифер Паганелли)

"My designs are rooted in the things I handled as a child,” says Jennifer. “The materials I choose, whether a vintage ornament or a simple cut-out, elicit a memory from everyone who sees them,” she continues. “I love it when people call it ‘eye candy’ because that’s how I feel about it – it fills you right up.”

Sis Boom’s fans include all kinds of people, from celebrities to traditional “crafty types” to Folk Art collectors. In fact, for several years running, Jennifer’s designs have been placed in the American Folk Art Museum lobby glass cases. Jennifer’s connection to all things vintage, including fabrics, forms the basis of her textile work. She clearly identifies with their strong, saturated and lively color and seeks to incorporate these elements into lines for FreeSpirit.

Sis Boom has been seen all over the world and featured in magazines such as Country Living, Ladies Home Journal, Real Simple, Better Homes and Gardens and many others.
Сайт: http://www.sisboom.com/

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Дизайнер - Jennifer Paganelli
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